Plant-Based Vegan Lifestyle.

About Me

About Me

Hey! My name is Alexandra and I am a plant-based vegan foodie from Sweden currently escaping the Swedish winter by living in Bali. I am certified within Plant-Based Nutrition and have dedicated my last years educating and exploring the vegan plant-based lifestyle. I am running the Fivesec Health community together with my boyfriend Pontus to make it simple and attractive to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.


My Journey

I have tried almost every diet out there. I always felt restricted and never felt that I was thriving or satisfied with myself. I was back then eating what people still would consider a โ€œclean dietโ€, I had an unhealthy relationship with food and was constantly craving unhealthy food, I felt sluggish, tired and my skin was definitely not glowing. By adopting a plant-based diet I realised that this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle. A lifestyle with fresh and real food in abundance. Of course this did not happen overnight, I constantly researched, experimented and learned myself to listen to my body and what it needs (and still do). When I started to eat plant-based my body slowly started to change, I was eating way more than before but I still lost weight. The weight was really just a bonus, I also started to feel more energy, my skin got very improved, my hair started to grow faster and my relationship with food and my body changed so much. I now realise that my body is my temple that need care and nourishment to thrive. I cannot say this enough - I never ever knew you could feel this good!


My Philosophy

I believe that health and wellbeing comes from within and that food is your medicine. We are all different though, therefore I think it is super important to become an expert on ourselves and learn to listen to our bodies. But to base our diet on whole foods as fresh fruit, greens & vegetables, grains, legumes and healthy fats is what I strongly believe the best foundation for optimal health. Our bodies do not need animal products, processed or refined foods including all oils to thrive. When we eat a clean whole food plant-based diet our bodies will stop crave junk and start to crave nutrient dense food instead. What have worked the best for me is to base my caloric intake on carbohydrates, mostly fresh fruit and vegetables (about 70%), and 15% of each protein and fats. But as I wrote in the beginning of this section, we are all different and you will have to find what works the best for you.