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How to make your nice cream thicker (Full Guide)

One of the most common questions I get is how I make my vegan banana ice cream (also called nice cream) so thick and creamy. In this post I will walk you through my tips and tricks on how to get the perfect texture.

If you prefer video over text I made a full tutorial of how I make my nice creams and what you should think of to get great results (see video below or on my YouTube channel).

5 Easy Steps to Make your Nice Cream Thicker

  1. The most important thing is that your bananas are frozen. To get an ice cream texture the banans must be frozen otherwise it will be runny and more like a regular smoothie bowl. Normally I freeze my banans overnight so that they are entirely frozen. Make sure to freeze them for at least 4 hours.

  2. You can make a thick and creamy nice cream in a blender or food processor. The important thing though is that the machine has enough power to handle the frozen banans. You should aim for a machine with at least 700-900 watts. My Vitamix have 1400 watts. It is also much easier if you have a blender that has a “tamper” that you can use to press down the frozen bananas and fruit while it blends. You will not need a “tamper” if you got a food processor though, just patience ;)

  3. It is much easier to make a nice cream in a blender if you do a large batch. So make sure to get enough banans in the blender so that the ice cream can combine and blend more easily and in that way get a faster result.

  4. A very common misstake is to add too much liquid to make it blend more easily. You should not add too much liquid, in that case you will end up with a runny ice cream. Try to add as little liquid as possible, for example when I use fresh fruit together with the frozen bananas, I don’t add liquid at all because the fresh fruit contains so much liquid already. If I use only frozen fruit I start with 3tbsp liquid - 1/4 cup depending on batch size.

  5. The more you blend the more runny it will get. The blender will heat up the nice cream the more you blend so make sure not blend too long. If you’re having a hard time combine everything to an ice cream, stop the machine, release som air bubbles in the bottom, scrape the sides and mash down the banans with a spoon. Depending on the machine and your nice cream blending skills, you may have to stop several times.

I hope you learned something from this guide and I hope you succeed making the thickest nice cream you’ve ever had! If you want more content like this please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram @fivesechealth.