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Vegan Food in Malmö - Sajvva

As some of you might know, I live in beautiful Malmö in south Sweden where we have some restaurants with vegan food but my absolute favourite is (and have been for a long time) is a restaurant called Sajvva! If you ever find yourself in Malmö or if you even live in Malmö, I highly recommend Sajvva.

I was thinking to write about some restaurants in Malmö that are offering vegan food and I'll start with Sajvva! So me and Pontus, my boyfriend, visited Sajvva and tested some of the food on their new summer menu. Below is a bit of a review, though it's not really a classic review, it's genuine what I think as well as what the founders of Sajvva have told me throughout the times we've been there.

Vegan food Malmö
vegan food Malmö

As soon as you arrive at Sajvva you don't know what kind of restaurant it is, there is no classical niche and you can't put your finger on what style it is, which is exciting! The restaurant has some Indian and Asian vibes but still a modern feeling over it.

This summer they recently built an outdoor dining, which means that they now also inspire outside the walls! How cozy?

One of the major changes on the menu is their new range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, where presentations and colors definitely are in focus. Can add that they were also very good!

vegan food Malmö
vegan food Malmö

About their food, Sajvva is a restaurant inspired by Asia. Don't imagine the classic Asian food we often think of as in wook and noodles, green and red curries. Their food is a twist on the Asian cuisine, which also includes Indian flavors. A bonus is that all their food on the menu is vegan!

The picture below is a starter presented as a "sharing plate". This dish is a total taste explosion! If you like to taste as much as possible, I recommend you to not miss this starter (I think it's called "Dip'n Flip"). You will find, among other things, bread, Korean dumplings, various dipping sauces, home-made seitan and lots of other yumminess. However, you can't be prudish when eating this, it's ok to eat with your fingers ;) To the left you can see root vegetable crisps and a vegan mayo.

vegan food malmö
vegan food Malmö

The people who run the restaurant are very creative and have their own interpretations on the food cultures from Japan, Korea, India and Vietnam. Sofia, one of the founders, told me that she brings inspiration from her travels and uses it when she creates new dishes, exciting huh? After her last trip to India, she created the dish in the picture below. A really nice explosion of Indian flavors. The dish consisted of large roasted potato wedges under a delicious gravy, chickpeas salad, pickled mango, chapati bread and a colorful salad.

vegan food Malmö

Pontus ordered a dish with inspiration and flavours from Vietnam. It consisted of noodles in broth, poached tofu, fresh mango, broccoli, chili and other delicious vegetables and herbs. If you like spicy food then this is the dish you absolutely should choose.

vegan food Malmö
vegan food Malmö

We actually didn't have room for a dessert, but I know that even these are vegan. The food you get is generous and I promise that you will not go home hungry. The food is really worth it's price. Compared to other places I've been to, it's HIGH QUALITY food!

So, in summary, Sajvva is a restaurant with amazing vegan food on the menu. If you want to try something new and exciting, Sajvva is the place to visit.