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What vegans eat and don't eat for beginners

What vegans eat and don't eat for beginners

Sometimes I meet people who are very confused about what vegan food really is and how it differs from vegetarian food. Therefore I will explain the differences and how you know if something is vegan or not.

What is vegan food?

Any food that does not come from an animal or has not been dependent on an animal to produce the product is vegan. For example, milk, cheese or eggs is NOT vegan because they have used an animal or its belongings to get these products. It is important to keep in mind that it's not only the obvious, to kill an animal to eat it, but also when using an animal and their property to produce products. This is something vegetarian shut their eyes for.

What does a vegan eat?

If I would tell you all of the things that can be eaten as vegan, this post would be very long! In short, vegans eat all plants such as fruits, berries, vegetables, root vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. Of course, with these categories of food, many colorful, nutritious and delicious dishes can be created. And YES vegans can eat pasta and bread :) (note! Look up so the pasta does not contain eggs).

Isn't it difficult to be vegan?

Was it hard to ride bike for the first time? Of course it was! Things that you've never done before or change in one's behavior are always a bit difficult, for all people. But with that said it is not impossible and constantly difficult to live like vegan. Initially, it is obviously a transition period and motivation and drive are required to continue. The easiest answer to this question is to try it yourself and see if you find it difficult.

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