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Healthy Vegan: Travel Guide Canggu Bali + Cost of Living (Long-term)

Me and my boyfriend have been living in Canggu Bali for little more than 4 months now. I get so many questions about living here and what to think of and what not to miss. So in this blog post I will list all you need to know if you are into vegan food, want to move/travel to Canggu for a longer period of time and want to take care of your health at the same time. I have written the guide in 5 categories Fitness & Exercising, Groceries, Restaurants, Accommodations and Cost of Living.

Fitness & Exercising

Compared to many other places in western countries, in the Canggu/Berawa area it can be a struggle to get a sufficient amount of daily activity. The area is not built for pedestrians and it is nearly impossible to get around without a scooter or car. Since you take the scooter 🛵 wherever you go, you will have a very low activity level so it will be super important to find a good place to workout at.

Canggu Nest

During our stay we have been working out at a place called Canggu Nest, it's a new functional training gym with amazing equipment and space. They make sure you are hydrated with free water and fuelled with good superfoods that are available to purchase.

Canggu Nest offers a variety of small group training classes and happy hours for you to workout by yourself. You can also do personal training sessions with one of the coaches. I really recommend the classes if you are new (and experienced) to functional training, you will learn a lot from the coaches.

The monthly membership is 1’600’000 IDR and the daily pass is 200’000 IDR. Canggu Nest is located in Berawa (see 🗺 in the bottom).

Source: Instagram  @canggunest

Source: Instagram @canggunest

Source: Instagram  @canggunest

Source: Instagram @canggunest

Source: Instagram  @canggunest

Source: Instagram @canggunest


If you are planning to live in Canggu for a longer time you probably want to cook at home as well. There are some shops I always visit to find my favorite staples and produce. All the essential stuff like toilet paper 🧻, canned food, rice, oats etc. you will find in either Pepito or Frestive supermarkets. They have 5 locations around the Canggu/Berawa area (see 🗺 in the bottom).

However if you are looking for staples like cashews, dried dates, nutritional yeast, lentils, nut butter and other more “exclusive“ products and organic produce you have to visit either Canggu Shop, Bali Buda or Green Habit (see 🗺 in the bottom).

The best way to get good fruits and vegetables is through a local fruit stal or at the weekly organic farmers market at Samdi Bali (see 🗺 in the bottom).

Source: Instagram  @balibuda

Source: Instagram @balibuda

Source: Instagram  @fivesechealth

Source: Instagram @fivesechealth


There are sooo many vegan restaurants in Canggu (and places that offer vegan food). I really recommend you to try them all! You can use an app or website called “Happy Cow” to find them all. However, many of them are very oily and not that healthy according to me. Down below you find my absolute favorite places (100% vegan restaurants).

  1. I Am Vegan Babe, crazy mouthwatering food 🤤 The best smoothie bowls in Canggu (called chi-chi bowls).

  2. Secret Spot, a hidden gem. Innovative and delicious food, something different from the other ones (please try their desserts🍫).

  3. Living Food Lab, a restaurant and co-working space. You can find green juices, oil-free alternatives and raw dishes.

  4. Oma Jamu, cheap traditional Indonesian food with organic ingredients. Urap is my favorite. Free vegan breakfast every Friday🤰!

  5. Falafel Temple, middle eastern food with really fresh ingredients and nice interior. If you like falafel🥙 you have to try this!

  6. Peloton Supershop, soul food🍔 and amazing salad bowls🥗. Powerhouse bowl is my favorite.


The most important and expensive thing, your accommodation. If you are traveling on a budget it can be hard to find a place with a decent kitchen. Kitchen is not a priority in most places (especially not an oven or more than one stove top). Depending on the time period you are looking for to stay, there are different alternatives to find good housing.

Airbnb is a wonderful alternative if you are staying short term, but can be a bit pricey if you stay longer (over a month).

If you are you planning to stay for 3 months or longer, my suggestion is either contact a local property agency (Eg. we rented our place through Bali Treasure Properties) or contact any hotel or apartment listed on Hotels or Booking and discuss a monthly rate. WhatsApp is king in Indonesia, so always try to negotiate through WhatsApp with the hotels. We actually got half the monthly price through this method at our first place we lived in.

Cost of Living

So what does it cost to live in Canggu Bali? Well that depends on what standard you want and how much you want to eat out. It is pretty cheep to eat out compared to western countries but the expenses add up if you do it on a regular basis. A meal plus a cold beverage on a popular vegan restaurant costs about US$ 9 excluding tax and service (which often is 15%). A meal at a local “Warung” costs about US$ 2 with usually no tax and service added.

When it comes to housing you can get a very nice modern 1 bedroom apartment for around US$ 900 /month with your own kitchen. But if you are open to share kitchen you can rent at a guest house for less then US$ 400 /month so it depends on what you prioritise.

If you live in Canggu you have to have a scooter, it costs around US$ 50 /month and the petrol is under US$ 1 /liter.

The grocery costs in supermarkets and small shops are pretty similar to western countries especially if you use more exclusive ingredients like gluten-free products, other grains than rice, coconut yogurt, tamari, kale powder etc. You can keep your veggie and fruit costs down by visiting markets and fruit stals.

I hope that you have more of a clue what it is like to live in Bali and what it can cost (note that you can live very cheap and very expensive, it is all about what you prioritise). If you have any questions please comment down below and I will answer them! If you found this guide helpful please consider Pin it on Pinterest so that more people can find it.

Healthy Vegan: Travel Guide Canggu Bali