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Homemade Vegan Sushi


Okey so I asked you on Instagram if you want to know how to make vegan sushi and oh yes you did! It’s not as hard as it looks like :)

So I’m going to show you how to make a regular sushi roll and an inside out roll. Then I’m going to write the different filling combinations I used. My favorite is the sweet potato + roasted onion.. you have to try this!

But first.. The RICE! You can buy regular sushi rice in an Asian store or on the Asian shelf in a regular store. Cook it according to the package. To these rolls I used 4 portions of sushi rice.

Regular roll:

1.     Take a nori sheet and place it on a bamboo mat that’s covered in plastic foil. The nori sheet has stripes on it, the stripes should be vertical. Place the sushi rice on the nori sheet and spread it with your fingers (it will go easier if your hands are wet). The rice should be about 0,3 inches thick and not cover the end of the nori sheet, otherwise it won’t stick together in the end. 


2.     Then you add the fillings (scroll down to see filling examples)


3.     Start rolling. I like to hold the filling in place with my fingers and roll with my thumbs.. (I hope you understand). When it’s rolled up, put some water on the edges so that the nori sheet hold together (forgot to shoot this part). Put in fridge!


Inside out roll:

1.     Place the nori sheet as you did with the regular roll. Add the rice as you did with the regular roll. Now sprinkle some black sesame seeds.


2.     Carefully flip over the nori sheet so that the rice faces down


3.     Now add your filling (scroll down for filling examples). Then roll exactly as you did with the regular roll. It’s important that you roll hard so that the rice don’t fall apart later.


4.     If you wan’t nice avocado slices on your inside out roll: Make sure to use a ripe avocado, cut it in half, peel it and remove the seed. Make thin slices (really thin) and place them on the sushi roll, the slices should overlap. Then cover the sushi roll in plastic foil and place in fridge.


5.     If you don’t want avocado, just wrap the roll in plastic foil anyway and place in fridge

6.     Slicing time! Make sure you have a wet knife and slice the sushi as thick as you want them.



Dynamite roll (Regular roll)

-       ¼ red bell pepper (thinly sliced)
-       ¼ avocado (sliced)
-       ¼ cup kimchi
-       Sriracha mayonnaise (½ cup vegan mayo + 1tbsp sriracha)
-       Scallion (chopped) 


From left

Sweet potato onion (inside out roll)

-       ¼ sweet potato (cooked and cold)
-       1 scallion (the top)
-       1 tbsp roasted garlic
-       1tbsp vegan cream cheese
-       Roasted onion
-       Vegan mayonnaise

Spicy mango (regular roll)

-       ¼ cup kimchi
-       ¼ avocado (thinly sliced)
-       ¼ mango (sliced)
-       Vegan mayonnaise
-       Black sesame seeds

Creamy summer roll (inside out roll)

-       1tbsp vegan mayonnaise
-       ¼ cup red cabbage (thinly sliced)
-       ¼ red bell pepper (sliced)
-       4 thin cucumber sticks
-       4 thin carrot sticks
-       A small bunch of fresh coriander
-       An avocado shell (look how to make this in the instructions on inside out roll)