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Plant-Based Matcha Bounties


Do you love bounties? Do you love matcha? Yes? Then these little cute snack bites are perfect for you! And they only contain 5 ingredients.

I have always thought that matcha works ridiculously well together with coconut flavor. I think they both have a smooth and tropical flavor.. And just look at the color. DREAM!

This is actually one of the recipes that will be in my new app. The app is going to be awesome and totally different from my old one! I have collected a ton of plant based recipes for you - dinners, lunches, breakfasts, cookies etc. It’s a totally plant based recipe & inspiration app where the recipes are 100% vegan, no refined sugar and no gluten.

I get a lot of questions of how I eat and where I get my inspiration from. Well, luckily I love cooking food and always have new ideas. BUT, I want to make it simple for you because I do understand that not all of us love coming up with new food ideas. So in the new app, I will include meal plans just for you to follow :)

Now, who want some bounties?! Scroll down :)


Plant-Based Matcha Bounties

Ingredients (10 bars)

-       2 cups shredded coconut
-       1 can coconut milk (the hard part)
-       1tbsp agave or maple syrup
-       2tsp matcha powder
-       300grams melted raw or vegan chocolate


-       Place all of the ingredients, except the chocolate, in a food processor or blender and mix until combined
-       Put plastic foil or baking paper in a rectangular container
-       Press the bounty mixture into the container and leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes
-       Take the container out of the fridge and lift up the bounty from the container
-       Cut in rectangles and place in fridge while you prepare the chocolate
-       Melt the chocolate over water bath or in microwave
-       Now cover all of the bounties in chocolate and place in fridge until set
-       When they are set, it’s eating time!